Introducing The BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller (Video)

Introducing The BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller (Video)

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Video Transcript

What I wanted was my stick shift street car to work at the drag strip - like a race car! That meant a slipper clutch. I wasn't interested in the maintenance and all the adjustments to transition from street to race to make it work. That's why I created The BangShift Billy.

What's the problem with drag racing with a street style diaphragm clutch? One of three things:

  • You're either going to spin the tires when you launch the car if you don't the slip just perfect with your foot.
  • You're going to break parts.
  • It's going to bog, then accelerate down the track. That kills your E.T. and all that you're going after, which is going faster.

That's why people transition to a slipper clutch in a drag car. But a slipper clutch requires adjustment for the strip and adjustment for the street. With The BangShift Billy you can achieve those adjustments with an app on your phone. It's adjustable down to the millisecond!

Let me explain how this works. We have our test bench here. Typical hydraulic clutch setup. Master cylinder, clutch pedal, comes out of the master cylinder, comes into our BangShift Billy manifold with control valve. Out of that to into our hydraulic release bearing. Controlling this valve is a Bluetooth controller, that's controlled via the app on your phone.

A typical hydraulic clutch at the racetrack works just like this. You dump the clutch and it just releases. It's either spinning tires, bogging, or breaking parts. Let's hook up The BangShift Billy and see how this works.

So now, you're at the line on the 2-step waiting to launch, you dump the clutch, it's holding it, and releasing. When it's holding it, that's when it's slipping. Again, holding, slipping, boom - there you go.

Here's what's included:

  • Manifold assembly with the valve
  • A very simple wiring harness
  • Bluetooth controller, which is of course controlled by an app on your phone, which connects via Bluetooth

I am very proud to say that this is a U.S. made product. We are not outsourcing manufacturing, production, or parts. Any parts we can get in the U.S., we are doing.