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Make Your Street Clutch Work at the Track

The BangShift Billy allows you to perfectly slip your street-style diaphragm clutch at the track - pass after pass.

The BangShift Billy is a Digital Clutch Control device for the perfect, repeatable launch for drag racing. Read as: consistency and reduced carnage!

The Bangshift Billy App

The Bangshift Billy App

Fully adjust your delay and slip duration for those perfect launches - right from your phone!

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Additional Features

Simple Wiring

The BangShift Billy utilizes high-quality wiring and Deutsch connectors for a straight-forward installation.

Compact Design

The BangShift Billy is no stranger to tight spaces. The controller and manifold were designed with the tightest engine bays in mind.

Made in the U.S.A.

The BangShift Billy is proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


"It’s exciting to see it working. It’s just working too well!"

Adam Dorey

"Such a cool feeling letting the clutch go and The BangShift Billy takes over and does its thing!"

Louis Floquet


What is The BangShift Billy?

The BangShift Billy is a hydraulic manifold that controls the release of a hydraulic clutch. It is commanded by our ECU and the settings are adjusted through our phone app.

To see how it works, check out The BangShift Billy Video.

Isn't a Slipping Clutch a Bad Thing?

No! In stick shift drag racing, a slipping clutch is actually quicker, more consistent, and easier on parts. Dedicated drag racing clutches, known as "Adjustable" or "Slipper" clutches, are designed to slip. This allows for more consistent launches, quicker E.T.'s, and fewer broken parts.

With The BangShift Billy, you don't need to switch to an adjustable clutch. You can use it to slip a diaphragm clutch!

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Why Not Just Buy an Adjustable Clutch?

Fully adjustable clutches are very consistent and reliable in race cars. For many, this is a great option. However, fully adjustable clutches have several cons for street-driven vehicles. Those include:




For these reasons, we don't recommend an adjustable clutch for street-driven vehicles. Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of adjustable clutches.