How To Set Up The Bangshift Billy (Video)

How To Set Up The Bangshift Billy (Video)

In this video I go through the basic app function, set-up and testing to get your diaphragm clutch dialed in and working like a slipper clutch.

Video Transcript

Let me sit down, we'll have a little talk. 

Ok. This is our test bench with a clutch pedal. Of course have a clutch over here. Right is a clutch switch. Now the one on the car needs to be adjustable and not just a push-button switch like this.

You could set it up however you like. What it needs to do is it needs to know exactly when you lift your foot off the clutch pedal off the floor. If you can hear that click, that's our switch. So as soon as I release the clutch pedal, that switch needs to open. Because, the controller needs to know the position of that. Because, normal clutch operation, the first three inches doesn't do anything, it's this last inch right here, when the clutch is starting to bite or engage, that we need to have control of.

So when you dump the clutch, there's a period of time that passes between this point here and the point that it starts to bite. And we need to be able to dial that in. We're going to use the app to do that. First, we're going to find that bite point using the bite screen.

Alright, so we want to get the back end of the car up in the air so we can turn the tires. We want to set it up in gear, with the key on. Not running, obviously. But just ignition on.

Ok so now I'm just going to show the bite screen setup. We're going to go ahead and connect to the app. It's going to connect to the Bluetooth controller. We're going to go to the bite screen. So here we're going to set our initial delay for ten milliseconds and the hold time is set for 15 seconds. That's so I have time to get out and check the tire to see if it's going to turn.

I'm going to stop the video right here. It is very, very important that you do not push the clutch pedal in while it's during that 15 second or less, because it's an adjustable hold time. Because you could do a double pump on the clutch and blow the seals out of your hydraulic release bearing or your slave cylinder.

You can see my screen, the flashing light tells me that The Bangshift Billy is ready to party. So we're going to dump the clutch and I'll go check the tires.

Ok since the tires turned, there's not quite enough bite so we'll add a little bit. We'll try 5 milliseconds and try it again. 

Ok, so once we've determined the bite point we're going to go to the launch builder screen and it's going to carry over the delay that we had. But because we're then going to be adding power, we need to add like 30 milliseconds to this. So 10 + 30 is 40 milliseconds. Then we want to go test it. And our launch slip, the preset value is 2 seconds. Probably want to try it at like 1 second, or 3 quarters of a second. We'll set that and then we can turn the app off to test. It will save it in the controller.

Let's try it out!

And there you have it. Super easy to adjust with the app on your phone. This took 12 minutes to make seven launches and get it dialed in. Imagine that with an adjustable slipper clutch. It would probably take you half the day. And this thing will work at the track with a few milliseconds changes here or there. And it will work as well as a slipper clutch. 

So, go out and bang some gears and enjoy your street car!