The BangShift Billy Frequently Asked Questions (Video)

The BangShift Billy Frequently Asked Questions (Video)

In this video I go through some Frequently Asked Questions about The Bangshift Billy's design, setup, and more!

1. What is The BangShift Billy?

It is a digital clutch controller that allows you to slip your diaphragm style clutch just like an adjustable slipper clutch at the drag strip and change it with an app on your phone. That's right! Right here on your phone - make those changes!

2. Isn't a slipping clutch a bad thing?

It depends. For drag racing, no. When done correctly, it will reduce your 60' times and reduce and eliminate parts breakage and increase your consistency. Keep in mind, that if you're going to drag racing a stick shift car, the clutch is going to be a wear item, a consumable.

3. Do I have to have a hydraulic clutch?

Yes. Got to be a hydraulic clutch for this to work.

4. Does this thing work with an Apple iOS device?

Yes. It will work on an Android or Apple OS.

5. I'm still running a stock ECU. Can I still use this? And only make it work on the launch and not on every gear change when I press the clutch?

There are two answers to this. Version 1.0 of the controller can be made to work with a stock ECU. And only work on the launch. But you're going to need to integrate it or wire it up into series with the line lock and/or a 2-step.

The second answer to that is if you wait for version 2.0 on a newer car, it's just going to plug right into the 2.0 port and get all the data it needs from the CAN BUS. And all you need to do is wire it in and you're done.

6. What else is needed that isn't included in the kit for it to work?

You will need a clutch switch that will open as soon as the clutch pedal is released. That's how the controller is going to know what's going on. Now if you have a newer car, it's going to have an OEM-style clutch switch and you can utilize that.

7. If I'm running a Holley ECU or any other aftermarket ECU, do I need the Bluetooth control box?

Yes. You still need the control box. The aftermarket ECU is only there to trigger the device. It's not running it by any means. All the magic happens in that little box.

8. Can I use this with my adjustable clutch?

It is not recommended as an adjustable clutch and a hydraulic actuator don't always work too great together. That doesn't mean they can't be made to work together, but when those counterweights are swinging out and pushing against that hydraulic release bearing, it can make a pretty rough life for that bearing.

So it's not recommended. You can make a diaphragm clutch work just like a slipper clutch, so an adjustable clutch is not needed.

9. Why not just buy an adjustable clutch?

Adjustable clutches work great for many cars. However, for a true street/strip car, the best adjustments for an adjustable clutch are going to be very different for the street than they are going to be for the track. And if you don't mind crawling under the car and adjusting base pressure and counterweights, knock yourself out. But, if you want to eliminate that, The BangShift Billy will allow you to make your diaphragm clutch work in transition from street to strip with just an app on your phone.

10. Can The BangShift Billy slip the clutch on gear changes?

Not at this time. It is intended to be used only on the launch.

11. What is the difference between version 1.0 and 2.0?

Version 1.0 is available right now. And we are looking to be shipping those out in January 2022.

Version 2.0 is still in development. It's designed for cars with an OBD2 port. It has the advantage of ease of installation. You just plug it into the OBD2 port, run the harness to the valve, plumb up the hydraulics, and away you go!

12. What makes The BangShift Billy different from other clutch control slilp-type devices already on the market?

We've tested some other devices on the market, and they work very well. But The BangShift Billy has a few vital differences. If you're going to try to bracket race or cut a light, you don't need that thing to slow down the entire stroke of the clutch. That first three inches, you need to get right to the bite point and then release it and slip it there. That's what The BangShift Billy enables you to do. You can fine-tune that bite point. You can cut a light, find the bite point and slip there, and then away you go!

Also, it's not going to effect your shifts going down the track. If you're making a lot of power, you don't want that thing to slip between shifts because it will blow right through the clutch from what our testing has shown.