I Won The Street Car Takeover Stick Shift Class With The BangShift Billy

I Won The Street Car Takeover Stick Shift Class With The BangShift Billy

2021 has been quite a year of racing for the BangShift Billy team! Not in a million years would I have thought my car, Quick Henry, would have come as far as it has without the help of lots of friends and family. On July 10th, we competed, and won the Street Car Takeover Stick Shift Class.

The car gave us no problems. We were able to improve the 60' throughout the event by making small changes to the Bite Point on the app. First we started with a .002 change. Then .001 for the last run. Each change improved the 60'. A total improvement of over a full tenth in our 60'!

We're so happy with the product and the improvement we've seen with the car. Check out this awesome video from 1320video and make sure to give them some love for continuing to make amazing drag racing content.



Video Transcript

Frederick White: Hi Bill!

Bill Armstrong: Hi Fred!

Fred: Nice to see you!

Bill: How are you!

Fred: Good, how are you?

Bill: I'm good!

Fred: So, we saw you on [Rocky Mountain] Race Week obviously. This is your home track?

Bill: Correct.

Fred: So you had to come out to this.

Bill: Yeah

Give me the full rundown on the Fairlane again. I know it's still a stick car. It makes way more power than this car looks like it should ever make. What's the rundown on it?

Bill: 427 Windsor platform small block Ford. Dart block. Fully built. Good heads. All that. Got a pair of Garrett's on there. It's intercooled. T56 Magnum. It's actually one of the G-Force prototypes; so it's faceplated. It's nice. And I'm running one of the first prototypes of my BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller. It makes this twin sintered-iron diaphragm clutch, which is like a frickin' on-off switch, work like a slipper clutch.

Fred: Really?

Bill: Yeah.

Fred: Pretty amazing! What is the fastest E.T. in the car ever?

Bill: 8.70 at 165mph.

Fred: That's frickin' movin! Ok I don't think you're going to do 8.70's up here in elevation.

Bill: No, I don't think so.

Fred: What's the goal today?

Bill: To win...and drive it home!

Fred: Oh ok! Win stick shift class and drive it home?

Bill: Drive it home!

Fred: Ok but E.T. wise, do you have a goal in mind?

Bill: It'd be cool if we could get in the 8's.

Fred: Have you gotten in the 8's at Bandimere before?

Bill: Yeah, a couple of times.

Fred: Ok, ok, so it's doable. How much power is the Fairlane making right now?

Bill: So, when it traps 165 for the weight that's like 1325 to the tire.

Fred: That's ridiculous.

Bill: Full exhaust, full exhaust!

Fred: I love it when you have this with the stock wheels and tires look on this thing. These look great, I love the beadlocks. But when you have the stock wheels, I think you're using them for weights right now, but when you put those on, I'm just like, there's no way anybody's, nobody's gonna know, nobody's gonna know.

Bill: It's like you're that voice in that video, "nobody's gonna know!"

Fred: Yeah! Nobody's gonna know! Well I'm glad to see you out here. Good luck in Stick Shift today!

Bill: Thanks so much!

Fred: Hopefully we see anything that starts with an 8!

Bill: That'd be awesome, yeah!

Fred: Alright, well good luck to you, Bill!

Bill: Thanks man!

Announcer: Yes sir, movin! 9.68 at 155. That's the way to get it done right there!

Bill: Woooo! Give me a hug, buddy! Oh, god!

Fred: How as that? Good?

Bill: Really good! I'm so excited! You know the only thing I did, well there's two things I changed, but I changed the digital clutch controller two thousandths of a second and the launch was totally different. It just slipped the clutch and took off. The 60' was 1.48, still not spectacular, but a tenth better than I've done all night.

Fred: Right, yeah. So what was the final E.T. and mile per hour on that one?

Bill: 8.78 at almost 165.

Fred: Jesus, that's insane!

Bill: At altitude, I'm really pleased.

Fred: Go back, what's the fastest the car's ever been?

Bill: 8.70 at 165. In Norwalk.

Fred: And you did an 8.78 in elevation? 

Bill: So that means the turbo's still got some room buddy!

Fred: Yeah!

Bill: And that wasn't even 20 pounds! That was like 19...I can look but it was just shy of 20. 

Fred: Let's go, come on!

Bill: I've got to drive it home, man! You see that trailer? I've got to hook it up to this and drive it home.

Fred: You and I both know you live 20 minutes from here.

Bill: But it's uphill!

Fred: Yeah, but you got friends with trailers!

Bill: Yeah, but I got race week in what, a month?

Fred: Shut up! You can fix it, you're ok. I've been to your house, you've got a lift, you're good. So, what are you going to do for next round?

Bill: Nothing.

Fred: Just leave it, you're not going to turn it up a little bit? Come on, a little spice? Little siracha in the mix? Come on, no?

Bill: I had a jalapeno with my sandwich earlier.

Fred: All right that's about as spicy as it gets for ol' Bill over here. All right. Well, congrats.

Bill: Thank you!

Fred: That's a huge number right there. A huge number.

Bill: I'm pretty pleased.

Fred: And we'll see you in the next round. Are you guys down to semifinals or what are you at right now?

Bill: Last round.

Fred: Oh, you're in the finals now?!

Bill: Yeah.

Fred: We'll see you in the finals!

Bill: Come on, Freddie. Happy Birthday!

Fred: It's not actually my birthday! All right, we've got Bill in the Fairlane. I think...going against an Evo. Are you racing an Evo in the final? This is the most odd couple freaking matchup ever.

Bill: I did make a couple of changes.

Fred: What'd you do? What'd you change?

Bill: Well I...the boost curve...bringing it in a little sooner in first gear. And then I made a one thousandths change on the clutch controller. 

Fred: Why change it? You said it was perfect last time!

Bill: Because I wanted to appease Fred...on his Birthday!

Fred: Yeah, it's not my birthday though! Ok, so what E.T. we doing this time?

Bill: We'll see. If it sticks, it should go quicker.

Fred: Ok.

Bill: If it sticks.

Fred: Ok, you said a .70 flat is your best with it?

Bill: Fastest ever. And that was at Norwalk.

Fred: And that's way lower elevation.

Bill: Like only about 6,000 ft.

Fred: Well, compared to here, that's not bad right?!

Bill: Yeah

Fred: Now you're over here just trash talking the Evo?

Bill: He's a good guy.

Fred: He seems like a nice guy.

Bill: He's a friend of a friend.

Fred: Oh ok. You can't really mess with him then?

Bill: He's cool. He's cool. This thing's badass dude. It's like mid-low 9's. Four cylinder, it's a badass car. Yeah, for sure. And, it's not broken.

Fred: Right, it's still here!

Bill: Right, right. 

Fred: Come on, Bill! Oh, he's got that. 8.84 163! Wild Bill over here just driving his stuff to the track and winning money. All that good stuff. Congrats, man!

Bill: Thank you!

Fred: That's frickin' awesome, what was that an 80 what?

Bill: Like 8.84 at 163, so it slowed down a little bit.

Fred: A little down! It's what, a 3,800 pound car doing 8's in Colorado. I'd say it's doing pretty good still. 

Bill: I'm pretty happy!

Fred: Hell yeah!

Bill: I can't complain, it's awesome!

Fred: Congrats.

Bill: Thank you.

Fred: What's the pot for this class?

Bill: I think it's $1,500. And then it's split 80/20.

Fred: Not bad!

Bill: 300/1200 or something?

Fred: I mean, it's, you get to get a nice dinner or something!

Bill: Well you know I told my fiancé, I said, "listen this thing's starting to pay for itself!" and she started laughing. Because she gets it. She's like, yeah right!

Fred: Yeah, yeah, yeah cars don't ever do that. They don't ever.

Bill: No, never.

Fred: Well, thank you so much for bringing the car out. I know every time we come here, we come to Bandimere for Street Car Takeover or any Race Week, you're here. But this is like one of my favorite stick cars on the planet. Because it doesn't look like it should do what it does. And it's everyone's, "Oh that's a nice old car!" and then it does what it does and it's like, "What the **** did that just...?" I love people's reaction to the car, so thank you very much for bringing it out and keeping it the way you do. Like the interior, how that is, and I love everything about the car. Congrats on the win.

Bill: Thank you so much!

Fred: And we'll see you at 2.0. Right? [Rocky Mountain] Race Week 2.0?

Bill: Oh yeah.

Fred: Ok! We'll see you at 2.0 man.

Bill: Thanks man!

Fred: Oh yeah.