Shelby GT500 Shatters Personal Best Quarter Mile Pass (Video)

Shelby GT500 Shatters Personal Best Quarter Mile Pass (Video)

A customer of ours recently sent us feedback about his BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller. Here's his story.

He races a 4,100 pound Shelby GT500 that had been as quick as 9.55’s, but wanted to find some more E.T. in his launch. For two years he tried to best his 9.55. But at that power level, weight, and clutch type, it's incredibly difficult to launch the car perfectly with your left foot.

Here are more details about the car:

  • 2010 GT500
  • Fully built motor with factory sleeved aluminum GT40 supercar block
  • Ported heads and lower intake  
  • 10:1 CR
  • Kenne Bell 3.6 @ 28 psi
  • RPS triple carbon clutch
  • Liberty’s Gear faceplated T-56 Magnum built by Tick Performance
  • Fully built 8.8 rear end

Based on the GT500's mods and trap speeds of 150+ mph, it was making the power to run quicker.

He tried other aftermarket clutch slipper devices with no luck in achieving ANY gains. This being a legit streetcar, an actual slipper clutch with base and counterweight adjustments was not an option. At this point he was a bit gun shy about another new part or device. But after doing some research, he ordered and installed The BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller. The moment of truth came on a test day: 

  • Pass #1- no clutch controller- 9.550 @ 153
  • Pass #2- While using the basic set up settings - 8.996 @ 155

Wait a minute you say, how is this possible?  Let’s look at the launch numbers, that’s where the magic happens:

  • Pass #1- 1.580 60’– not terrible for a 4100 lb stick car
  • Pass #2- 1.369 60’- This is really good and over 0.200 tenths quicker.

In our testing and others, typically every tenth you shave off the 60’ results in 2 tenths off the ET. In this case 0.211 off the 60’ resulted in 0.554 off the ET and made this a legit 8 second streetcar. Keep in mind he used the basic and safe recommended set-up settings. Further adjustment and testing of these settings will likely result in quicker ET’s.

Check out the video on this car below:

How much would you or have you paid for a 0.500+ bump in your ET?  Controlling the release of your clutch will reduce breakage and improve consistency, how many parts have broken from the clutch back on your setup?  The BangShift Billy Digital Clutch Controller should be on your short list of upgrades this year.